Bloktopia: One of the Best of Metaverse Projects

from Token Party

Decentralized Metaverse is the trend of the moment, the hype in the air is tangible! This new technological frontier is disrupting our society both economically and socially, with surprising margins of innovation on a global scale. Why this great worldwide interest? From a purely media point of view, it all began with the bombastic announcement by Mark Zuckerberg (well-known CEO of Facebook) who, at the end of 2021, decided to rebrand the company from Facebook to Meta, with a view, probably, to a digital transformation into Metaverse in the near future. Where is this train headed? We don't know and for now no one can know for sure. For the moment, the best thing to do is to stay on track, analyze the evolution of this new market and try to make some hypothesis of development.

Metaverse Bloktopia: what is it and how does it work?

One of the most interesting Metaverse Projects of the moment is, without a doubt, Bloktopia ( Bloktopia is a VR skyscraper consisting of 21 floors, designed in honor of Bitcoin's Total Supply (precisely 21 million Bitcoins).

The Bloktopia team consists of:

  • Ross Tavakoli CEO and Co-founder
  • Paddy Carrol CMO and Co-founder
  • Libby Rothwell Commercial director
  • Simon Benson CTO

The project aims to be "The home of crypto", a space dedicated to entertainment and communication for lovers and supporters of cryptocurrencies and decentralization.

A Crypto Hub based on Virtual and Augmented Reality

Bloktopia's Metaverse aims to give back to the user an unmistakable and out of the ordinary experience through the fusion of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The Bloktopia ecosystem currently relies on the Polygon Network, which makes it extremely interesting from a transaction cost saving perspective. The narrative tells us that the Bloktopia skyscraper rises from the ashes of a decayed city and rests on an entirely digital economy centered on NFT. Users, developers, players, investors and entrepreneurs can interact with each other within a Hub dedicated to Communication, Entertainment and Advertising.

The Land of Bloktopia

The basic idea is to divide the high-tech tower into Virtual Lands and develop a digital economy. The Owners of these important lands, once the application is launched in Q1 2022, will be able to do numerous actions such as:

  • develop 3D animations
  • organize virtual reality talks
  • program games and contests
  • create banner ads
  • branding
  • do public relations, and much more

It is of course also possible to resell your land to the highest bidder. Much more than a skyscraper Bloktopia is much more than just a skyscraper in Virtual Reality. It is a shopping mall, a meeting place where entrepreneurs, projects, influencers, developers and simple users can create logics of interaction never seen before in human history. To underline the massive and important presence within Bloktopia of the big players belonging both to the crypto world and to traditional businesses:

  • Binance, Kucoin, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Elrond have already bargained with the founders of Bloktopia to have a plot of land on floor 1 (where the rebirth of each player will take place)
  • Playstation and Sky have recently partnered with Bloktopia as well

The 4 Pillars of Bloktopia

Bloktopia - LEARN

In the skyscraper you will be able to learn key concepts of the world of Cryptocurrencies and Blokchain through small seminars, learning games, and dedicated locations.

Bloktopia - EARN (Blok, ReBlok, AdBlok)

There are 3 ways to earn money, namely:

  • using native BLOK tokens for trading, staking or acquiring land
  • by purchasing REBLOK (land) and then reselling or renting them, thus generating passive income
  • through ADBLOK, all BLOK token holders will be rewarded with fees derived from advertising operations generated within the skyscraper

BLOK: the Token of Bloktopia

Currently, as of the writing of this article (11/12/2021), the BLOK token capitalizes around $660 million and ranks #229 on Coinmarketcap, with a price of $0.06. Maximum supply set at $200 billion. You can buy the BLOK token on the following exchanges:

  • Kucoin
  • Okex
  • Quickswap
  • Bitrue
  • Hotbit

The BLOK Token Contract is: 0x229b1b6c23ff8953d663c4cbb519717e323a0a84 The Network is: Polygon

Bloktopia - PLAY

The developers of Bloktopia promise crazy games! For now we know that there will be a wheel of fortune where once a day you can win something, such as a tot of BLOK tokens or other prizes up for grabs. In addition, there will also be a contest to be able to win a REALLamborghini Aventador, which will be shipped to the home address of the winner(s)

Bloktopia - CREATE

Thanks to the "3D Creation Engine" technology, developers will be able to indulge in a multitude of interactive combinations, ensuring a stunning user experience.