Cryptovoxels Metaverse: what is it and how does it work

from Token Party

Cryptovoxels is a Virtual World built by leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain. Even more precisely Cryptovoxels is a Metaverse.


The world winds through the neighborhoods and streets of a city called "Origin City" (a curiosity: did you know that Elon Musk's SpaceX parcel is right in the middle of Cryptovoxels?).


Along the streets, just like in any city on the planet, you will find parks, green areas, plazas, objects, parties, events, people, stores, museums and homes.


The citizens of this city are Avatars, the stores, museums and houses are called "parcels" and these and all other objects you find along the streets of Origin City are unique tokens (incorruptibly represented in the form of information recorded on Blockchain).


Exactly as in the real world, museums, stores and homes can be furnished, but how? 


Using NFT and more, you can add images, audio tracks, videos, animated gifs and conduct real live streaming.


In fact, in Cryptovoxels, parcels can be transformed:


  • into real stores where you can display and sell (through Opensea) your NFTs
  • museums where you can simply expose your collection of NFTs
  • houses to be furnished with NFT and in which to organize events and parties 


You can wander the streets of Cryptovoxels as a guest (you could say "as a tourist"), take a look at what the city can offer, have a chat with other avatars, enjoy some parties and lighten your wallet by spending some Ethereum buying NFTs to enrich your personal collection.


To take a tour you just have to access the portal, click on the map and "teleport"...


Cryptovoxels Metaverse Parcel map. welcome the center origin city. block fork. teletrasport here


Now you can become a full-fledged citizen of Cryptovoxels.


How to become a Citizen of Cryptovoxels


To start living inside Cryptovoxels you need a residence. And to get your residence you need to build yourself a house. In order to build yourself a house you need a land, that is, a parcel, a plot of land.


So first of all choose the plot of land that suits you best and buy it, choosing from the many neighborhoods available:


  • Milan
  • Area 51
  • Doom
  • Moon
  • Punks
  • … and many others


Oh, by the way, we at Token Party are at 5 Doris Street, Helios. Stop by and say hello!


Cryptovoxels uses babylon.jsfor high-performance rendering in the browser.


In addition to placing NFTs, features to build and decorate your parcel include:


  • audio elements
  • buttons
  • images
  • voxel templates
  • text
  • video
  • social links
  • 3D objects
  • and gifs


Cryptovoxels can also be explored from any device, PC, smartphone, tablet andVirtual Reality Visors. Cryptovoxels is in fact compatible with:



Cryptovoxels Metaverse Parcel map


The Cryptovoxels Community is very active on Reddit, Discord and Twitter.


How to Buy a Cryptovoxels Parcel


Cryptovoxels is an ever-evolving Metaverse and the territories that make it up are being implemented continuously.


The first and largest territory is the already mentioned "Origin City", then the other "islands" were created.


Each time an additional island is implemented, it is segmented into parcels, i.e. into units of different size and ownership, and then offered for sale.


The offering is scheduled and takes place through auction: the price of each parcel starts from a minimum and then is determined by the raises of the various users who intend to grab it with and pay with Ethereum.


The final price of the parcel is determined by many factors, such as:


  • the position of the parcel inside the island
  • the "neighbors", i.e. which users, companies and projects are immediately adjacent to each other.
  • a physiological period of hype of the metaverse sector


In short, the art of buying is also in knowing how to buy at the right time evaluating all the variables of the case, raise when necessary or withdraw to avoid bad deals!


In any case, the auction takes place on, the largest NFT marketplace in the world.


It often happens that some "trickster", just in the moment of the opening of the auction, insert among the many items for sale some "fake" NFT that actually does not correspond to any portion of the Metaverse on Cryptovoxels.


So always make sure that what you are buying is really sold by the Cryptovoxels development team, i.e. "bnolan". Once you've made your purchase all that's left is to start building your project!