What is the OVR Metaverse and how does it work?

from Token Party

OVR is a geolocated three-dimensional content platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain and interoperable with Polygon Network and the Binance Smart Chain.

OVR Metaverse: an introduction

OVR represents a web3 ecosystem for the creation and fruition of 3D contents in a mixed experience between the real and the virtual world, where the ownership of these spaces is owned by the community. The ambitious project aims to establish itself as a decentralized open-source platform where the user can live an experience in which the virtual space merges with the real one. The digital layer covers the entire globe, which has been divided into 1.6 trillion virtual spaces that can be purchased on the OVR marketplace. To date, the exploration of the metaverse in augmented reality is only available through the smartphone camera, but the OVR team reassures that the infrastructure is already compatible for the fruition of such content through glasses VR. In fact, OVR works with Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap, but probably these glasses are far too expensive (about 3-4 thousand euros per glasses) to reach mass distribution. microsoft hololens Hololens (credits: Microsoft)magic leap Magic Leap (credits: Magic Leap)

Key Elements of the OVR Metaverse

The OVR ecosystem consists of a number of interconnected components, including:


These are ERC-721 NFTs that represent the property of hexagonal-shaped virtual lands with geolocated coordinates. Each hexagon corresponds to a space of 300 square meters and can be bought or sold on the marketplace through an auction system. The minimum price for each bid is 10 dollars. Each subsequent bid must be double the previous one. The maximum number of OVR Lands is 1.6 trillion.

OVR Utility Token

This is an ERC-20 token that serves as a medium of exchange in the OVR ecosystem. Currently, as of the date this article is written (on 02/25/2022) the OVR token can be purchased on:

  • Gate.io
  • Mexc
  • Bitmart
  • Uniswap
  • Pancakeswap

And it has the following features (03/2022):

  • Current price: $1.53
  • Maximum supply: 110,000,000 ovr
  • Circulating supply: 28,151,850 ovr
  • Marketcap: 47,000,000 usd

OVRToken will be used to interact with the platform in a variety of ways:

  • Governance
  • Purchase of OVRLands
  • Stake for nodes and liquidity mininig
  • Purchase of products on the marketplace and to create OVR experiences
  • Paying OVR Creator (who creates the various experiences)
  • Get paid for: land rental, interactions, adv, virtual goods and experiences
  • Use all the services on the platform and on the marketplace

OVR Software Development Kit

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is a space, for now available in Beta version, dedicated to the creation and development of animations and 3D content, publishable on OVRlands. The software presents a set of tools that make it easy to build Mixed Reality spaces. The SDK is designed to be usable by anyone and not just digital designers or professionals.

OVR Marketplace

The decentralized OVR Marketplace represents the place where a meeting of supply and demand for a range of digital assets such as:

  • Ovr-lands
  • Ovr-experience
  • Ovr-advertising

The OVR Community and the OVR Whitepaper

The beating heart of the ecosystem, the community interacts every day in different but interconnected segments. We can split the main players in:

  • Ovr-users: those who enjoy the augmented reality experience
  • Ovr-owner: those who own OVR Lands
  • Ovr-creator: the creators and designers of digital experiences
  • Ovr-advertiser: agencies that will use the land as an advertising tool
  • Ovr-nodes: responsible for hosting augmented reality resources

(Credits: whitepaper OVR)


The OVR Mobile App is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play. You can access the account using username and password or via on-chain authentication with connection through decentralized wallet Metamask. The app is basically used to:

  • enter the metaverse
  • manage your avatar
  • explore art galleries
  • visit rooms
  • meet new people
  • participate in scavenger hunts

ovr app Conclusions The OVR ecosystem is based on the vision of an all-Italian team with strong ambitions that wants to position itself as an industry leader in the world in the use of geo-localized content in Augmented Reality. The ownership, the implementation and the management of these spaces are decentralized and are in continuous development over the last years; but we remember that we find ourselves in a historical context in which the use of VR devices and the use of Virtual Reality content are still living a premature phase and are far from being considered mainstream. As a consequence, there are a series of possible uses that still today we cannot imagine or to which we give little relevance, but that represent fundamental tendencies that Big Tech like Facebook, Microsoft and Google will certainly not let go. The possibilities are truly endless: participate in private or public events, networking with your own avatar, accessing previously unimaginable shopping experiences, receiving rewards for specific activities, and playing games, viewing and downloading information, documents and videos. This is just to name a few possible cases of use. The future has never been this present.